Welcome to Gerbrit Engineering

Gerbrit Engineering Ltd. is 50 % owned by the Heinrich Rönner group of companies which have over 30 years experience in the Shipbuilding Industry, including the construction of Mega Yachts, Bridges, Cranes, various large Structures, Port Foundations and Lock Gates.

The head office is in Bremerhaven, Germany, which was chosen as the main office because it is situated close to the Import & Export Industry. There we have an excellent interchange for Railway, Road and Sea.  All the Rönner facilities have direct access to the rivers Weser and Elbe also to the Baltic and North sea.

In the last couple of years companies within the Rönner Group have completed various Offshore Wind Projects including the building of Transformer Stations for the North Sea as well as completing projects in the Petrochemical Industry and Onshore Energy Market.

Gerbrit Engineering has been formed to support the Wind Offshore Market in the UK. Since its formation Gerbrit has been able to gain valuable experience supporting the building of Transformer Stations in Bremerhaven, for the North Sea, and also help in the building of Sections for a Floating Oil Refinery which will operate in UK waters. Gerbrit has also been involved on various projects for the steel industry in europe.

GCD Personel Services are owners of the other 50 % of Gerbrit Engineering Ltd. In the management team of GCD are professionals who have many years experience supplying clients throughout the world with teams of highly skilled engineers and tradesmen in industries such as the Aerospace, Automobile, Petrochemical, Power Stations, Steel/Ship construction and Wind Energy. GCDs' whose head office is in Buchholz, Germany, currently has over 200 skilled tradesmen and women working in the manufacturing of Rotor Blades alone, for Onshore and Offshore Wind Projects for the Worldwide Market.